Fox Red Labrador puppy running through the grass carrying a toy.

What is the Fox Red Labrador Retriever? This interesting and unique Labrador color is a type of purebred yellow Lab with a darker, reddish-tinted coat that is beautiful and striking.

Choosing the right breed of dog can be a very difficult decision, and even once you’ve decided on a Labrador Retriever, there are still many options to choose from.

Puppy breeder or rescue Lab? American or English Labrador? Plus, there are so many gorgeous colors of Labrador Retriever that it can be hard to decide which Lab color is the best for you.

In this overview, we’re going to take a further look at one of the most unique colors of Labrador Retriever you may not be as familiar with: the Fox Red Lab. We’ll guide you through the main physical traits, health, size, and grooming to let you decide if the Fox Red Lab is the right choice for you.

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Fox Red Lab Overview

In the world of Labs, there are three commonly accepted main colors: black, yellow, and chocolate.

However, there are many other sub-colors and shades that fall into the above three categories, which you may see mentioned by breeders, owners, and rescue organizations.

One special and unique color is the Fox Red Lab, which falls under the category of yellow Labs. Fox Red Labs are red-tinted in their coats, with a beautiful reddish-copper overall gloss to their fur. They have an uncommon, unique dark red-golden hue that is breathtaking and special to see.

Fox Red Labrador puppy in front of a purple background.

Yellow Labs overall as a color category can be many different shades, ranging from the very pale white Labrador or English cream Lab to the darker, lovely golden yellows and reddish tint of the Fox Red Lab. You might also be familiar with another type of yellow Lab, the Dudley Lab, which has a pink nose and lack of pigmentation around the eyes and gums.

Fox Red Labs are also sometimes referred to as the “Red Fox Lab” and the names are used interchangeably. You might not see Fox Red Labs as often because their color is so unique and different, and there are fewer breeders in general breeding for that special color.

By deliberately breeding certain Labs that demonstrated this lovely red-tinted coat, Fox Red Labs have become more popular and recognized. Some Labs breeders have chosen to focus on producing dogs who are only this lovely darker red color.

Fox Red Labs are considered purebred Labradors, unless they are mixed with another breed, such as in the case of designer dog breeds like the Labradoodle. It’s possible you could get a Fox Red Labradoodle, which would be a mix between a purebred Fox Red Lab and a purebred Poodle!

Personality Traits of Fox Red Labs

Fox Red Labs are purebred Labradors, and should demonstrate the typical breed standard and personality of the Labrador Retriever, which happens to be pretty wonderful!

Labs have been the most popular dogs in the United States for the last 30 years due to superb qualities such as intelligence, friendliness, energy, athletic ability, strong hunt drive, and trainability.

Labs are amazing dogs for families with children and have a playful, kind energy that can be both patient and adventurous for life with kids. They can be trained to get along with other pets in the home and can do well in households with multiple kids and other dogs.

Though every dog is different, you should expect your Fox Red Lab to be a high-energy dog who loves the water, can be a great watchdog, is excited to retrieve, and is happy to relax at home with the family after an exciting day of play in the outdoors.

Size & Weight of Fox Red Labs

Fox Red Labs are purebred Labrador Retrievers and share the same physical characteristics as other Labs. They generally grow to full weight of approximately 55-80 lbs and 21.5-24.5 inches in height.

Your exact dog’s weight and height will vary somewhat based on whether it is male or female, what traits your breeder has bred for, and whether it exhibits more American Lab features or English Lab traits.

Cost of Fox Red Lab Puppies

You might discover that a Fox Red Labrador puppy could cost a bit more than a typical Lab puppy, as they are more unique and a bit harder to find.

A typical Lab puppy can range in price between $500-$2000 in the United States and can get even more expensive if you’re wanting a dog from championship lines or with specific traits, such as a Pointing Lab for hunting upland game.

Your cost may be over $2000 for a Fox Red Labrador puppy, though this can depend greatly on your location and the cost of living in your area. You may also have to travel to find a reputable breeder and be willing to wait for a spot in a litter to open up to make your selection.

That adorable face will be worth the wait, though!

Fox Red Lab puppy sitting on someone's lap.

For more advice on how to find a great Labrador puppy, what to know about selecting a breeder, and how to prepare for your new puppy’s arrival, check out all the articles found here in our Puppy Guide!

Fox Red Labrador Lifespan

Fox Red Labs have the typical Labrador lifespan of about 10-14 years, similar to other types of yellow Labs.

Though chocolate Labs have a slightly lower lifespan (10.7 years) than black and yellow Labs due to some possible more frequent health issues that can occur with their breeding, Fox Red Labs are also a less-common color, though they fall under the yellow Lab category.

Any time you have a color or sub-color that is less common than others, you have the chance of having fewer breeders to choose from, and they have fewer dogs from which to select breeding partners.

You won’t necessarily have any health problems, and your dog can be perfectly healthy and happy.

But it’s important when picking any dog, especially a unique color that fewer breeders have bred for, that you explore your options with care and ask questions about any potential dog’s health history.

You will want to research your breeder carefully when selecting a Fox Red Lab puppy and do a thorough health evaluation of the breeder’s dogs before picking a puppy.

Fox Red Lab in the forest covered in mud.

Health Conditions of Fox Red Labs

Fox Red Labradors share the same general health as other types of Labradors, but there are some health conditions that can be seen with any type of Lab.

Some more common health issues to know about that can occur in Labradors are the following:

  • thyroid issues
  • eye problems of the retina
  • joint issues and dysplasia
  • cancer
  • allergies
  • obesity
  • ear infections

You’ll want to make sure you have an excellent veterinarian who you consult for all of your health concerns, and that you stay on top of vaccinations, wellness visits, and medications as recommended by your vet.

Make sure you research your breeder carefully before you choose a puppy, which can also help you try to avoid getting a dog with known health issues early on.

While no one can guarantee that your dog will live a perfectly healthy life, getting a great vet on your side to advocate for your pet and guide you in all your medical decisions is the best thing to do from the start. For more advice on how to find the best vet for your dog, read more at the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Fox Red Labs, like other Labs, are low-maintenance dogs for bathing and grooming. Bathing once or twice a month, regular brushing and nail trims, and light grooming are all that’s needed for Labradors in general.

Shedding can be an issue with all Labs, and like other Labs, Fox Red Labs can definitely be high-volume shedders! Check out our guide to How to Deal with Labrador Shedding for ways to be prepared for Lab shedding and solutions to deal with it.

Fox Red Labs are not hypoallergenic, just like no other Labs are, so be prepared if anyone in your family might be dealing with any potential dog allergies.

Summary – Fox Red Labradors

The Fox Red Lab is a unique and striking red-tinted color of Labrador Retriever that exhibits many of the same wonderful qualities of any other type of Lab. It’s a breathtakingly beautiful coat color on an already gorgeous breed of dog.

Amazing personalities, playful energy, loving dispositions, and intellectual abilities are some of the benefits of getting a Labrador Retriever as your next dog. If you’re looking for a unique Labrador color, perhaps the Fox Red Lab will be a great choice as the next addition to your family!

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