Close up view of a yellow dog swimming in water.

The summer heat is here!

And since most Labradors typically love the water, it’s always nice to find a simple solution to get your dog some exercise and run off their energy outside. 

It’s a bonus if you can do this while letting them cool off in the water, which they usually love so much!

One of the best ways to have fun with your dog outside this summer is to give them playtime in the water using a quick set-up backyard pool. 

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And if you happen to be a Costco member, there’s a great product we just discovered at the warehouse this summer to help your Lab cool off and get out a ton of energy at a pretty great price: $36.99.

Packaging showing pet pool with a yellow Lab playing in water.

We’ve shared several homes with Labradors where we were fortunate enough to have our own inground pool in the backyard. We’re pretty sure the Labs thought it was just another big doggie bathtub that we cleaned for them. 

At times it seemed the family member who used that pool the most was definitely of the Labrador variety! The pool filter filling with Labrador hair was also a lot of fun to clean up.

But since you may not be in a home, climate, or living situation that accommodates having an inground pool in your backyard, you might consider a much cheaper and easier solution: getting a plastic or quick set-up backyard pool to give your dog a fun place to play this summer. 

If you have children in your family, you might already own one of these types of plastic quick-fill pools.

While those types of pools can do double-duty as both a kid pool and a fun place to splash for Labs, they can take up a lot of space for you and can be hard to move around. 

If you have a smaller yard or your outdoor space is more limited, these pools can also take up a lot of room, leaving you with possibly not quite enough space for many other outdoor activities. 

This is especially true if you have children who’ve likely taken over your yard space with plenty of toys of their own!

The typical plastic pool you can buy at a home improvement store or general retailer also can be heavy to lift when it’s time to empty the water.

We’ve also found that they tend to break, crack, or wear out fairly quickly and don’t typically last more than one summer season, especially if they’ve been left outside all summer long. So is there a better solution?

If you’re looking for something different, this is an option we came across on a recent trip to Costco. 

We just discovered this product while on a recent trip to our local Costco warehouse to pick up pet medications at their pharmacy, which is one of our favorite uses for our Costco membership. 

What sets this dog pool apart from the typical ones you see in stores?

This Portable Pet Pool by Companion Gear is a round pool made of collapsible material that folds up and can be transported in a mesh bag.

This feature is great for people who have shared yards or smaller yards where they need the space conserved for other uses, or places where you wouldn’t want to leave a doggie pool out for long periods of time.

We’ve seen many pet and baby plastic pools, but haven’t come across one before that could be folded up and transported in a mesh bag.

Back of package showing pet pool and how it folds up.

The pool also has another really helpful feature: it contains a built-in valve to drain the water from the bottom after you’re ready to finish up, saving time and effort to manually drain it.

Very convenient, because when your Lab is done playing you’re going to have your hands full drying them off and chasing them around the yard. Your hands will be occupied, so you need a pool that drains itself!

According to the packaging as viewed in a Costco warehouse, this Companion Gear Pet Pool comes in an XXL size (5.25 ft wide by 1 ft high) and runs about $36.99 at Costco locations in our region.

We only were able to find one size for sale in our store, but your Costco may have other size options. You can also search here on to see what options may be available for shipping.

And of course, there’s an adorable yellow Labrador on the package!

Also included are several floating “dog toys” which resemble beach balls, fruit, and a bottle of sunscreen. 

Side view of pet pool packaging explaining contents.

If you’re a Costco member, check out your local warehouse to see if they carry this pet product, because not all Costco stores will carry exactly the same merchandise. We’ve found this to be true especially for pet products.

You could probably find multiple uses for this pool: outdoor play, cooling off on a hot day, and even outdoor Labrador bath time. Make sure you keep a large stack of towels close by!

And let us know if your Labrador is a fan of this pool, or if they have another favorite way to enjoy the water! Enjoy your summer!

(Looking for more ideas to help your Lab stay cool in the summertime? Check out Hot Weather & Labs: 5 Tips to Keep Your Dog Cool in the Summer Heat)

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