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If you’re planning a vacation and want to bring your dog with you, it can be a significant challenge if you have a large-breed dog like a Labrador.

Traveling with a big dog can be much more difficult than traveling with a smaller dog!

There are many hotel chains that allow dogs to stay with you, but most of them have size restrictions, such as only allowing dogs weighing under 50 lbs. This will exclude almost all large-breed dogs such as Labrador Retrievers.

Unless your dog is a service dog, in which case they should be permitted to travel anywhere you go, you might have some frustration trying to plan your vacation to be able to include your pup in the travel planning. You can opt to search for dog sitters and dog boarding services, but if you prefer to travel with your Lab, read on!

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What are the best hotels for Labradors and other big dog breeds?

Here are the 8 best hotel chains for Labradors and other big dogs to allow them to travel with you, but be aware that the specific rules can vary based upon each hotel’s location:

Residence Inn Marriott

Residence Inn Marriott consists of over 700 locations around the world. Many of them allow dogs with no upper size limits or have higher limits such as 100 lbs.

We’ve had great success staying at Residence Inn Marriott locations all across the United States with multiple Labradors, and it’s our first choice for a hotel when we’re traveling with our large-breed dogs.

Each property can set its own rules and limits, but throughout the US we’ve found that at least 2 dogs are usually allowed, and each can weigh up to 75-100 lbs typically.

You may have a non-refundable pet fee of $75-$150 per stay (not per night) but you may find it much cheaper than pet boarding fees you’d be paying back home.

Residence Inn hotel suites have kitchens, separate living and bedroom areas, and sometimes multiple bathrooms in the suite.

We’ve stayed at Residence Inn Marriott properties for months at a time (with Labs) during multiple relocations across the United States, and they’ve been the friendliest and most accommodating options we’ve found. It’s our top pick on the list for the best hotels for Labradors and other big dogs.

Chocolate Labrador Retriever lying on a white hotel bed showing the 8 best hotels for Labradors.

TownePlace Suites Marriott

TownePlace is another brand belonging to Marriott that is pet-friendly to larger breed dogs. There are 450 hotel locations in the US and Canada, and many of them have more lenient size allowances to permit larger dogs.

Again, each property can vary in their particular allowances, so you’ll want to inquire directly with the property you’re considering, but TownePlace Suites typically allow 1 or 2 larger dogs up to 75 or 100 lbs, with a pet fee for each stay.

Their rooms are set up for extended stay vacations, with separate bedroom areas, living areas, and a kitchen, similar to Residence Inn.

Four Seasons

Four Seasons has a different policy for each location, rather than one policy throughout the entire brand. Depending on where you’re traveling, you may find that the Four Seasons location you’re considering has a very flexible policy regarding pets.

In certain locations, such as Miami, they’ve told us they have no size limits on pets and our Labradors were more than welcome. They may offer you a pet welcome package with bowls, treats, and a gift for your dog(s) depending on the location.

Large luxury hotel lobby with windows.

While Four Seasons’ rates can definitely be higher than the other brands on this list, you might find yourself in a situation where it’s worth it to you to pay for a luxury stay to have your pet included.

La Quinta by Wyndham

According to Wyndham, most La Quinta locations allow pets, including dogs and cats, but this can vary by location.

They have nearly 900 locations in the US, Canada, Central & South America. You can find a list of what La Quinta locations allow pets here.

You may have to pay a pet fee per night of your stay, and it will likely be non-refundable.

Embassy Suites by Hilton

Embassy Suites is similar to Marriott in that each property sets its own rules on allowing pets. We’ve found Embassy Suites typically allows one or two larger-breed dogs, with limits up to 75 lbs.

Sometimes that weight limit is per room (combined weight) and other times that weight is per dog. You’ll want to inquire with the specific property you’re thinking of staying at what their limits are.

They usually charge a pet fee of $75-$100 per stay, not per night.

Embassy Suites have separate living and bedroom areas, with a small kitchenette area in each suite. Similar to the Marriott suites above, at Embassy you may have more space than a typical hotel room, which is nice when traveling with a larger dog.

Embassy typically has an open atrium with glass elevators and is usually a high-rise property with over 10 stories.

From our personal experience, this can sometimes pose a challenge taking your Labrador outside for potty breaks and walks, because you’ll usually have to ride the glass elevator through the atrium and lobby, not being able to avoid crowds or other hotel guests (including breakfast crowds, weddings, conventions, etc).

Chocolate Labrador lying on a bed looking down.


Loews Hotels has a pet policy they refer to as, “Loews Loves Pets.” They even show a chocolate Lab on their pet policy page!

They provide bedding, dog bowls, treats, and even gourmet cuisine for your pet, depending on the property. We’ve had Loews properties tell us they have no size limit or breed restrictions, but as always, call ahead to the property and ask before making your reservation.

Loews does have a limit of two pets per room, so if you are traveling with more than 2 Labradors, you might have to get multiple rooms. They may also ask to see your pet’s vaccination records to make sure they’re current, so either bring a copy along or ask your vet to email them.


Kimpton Hotels are part of the IHG group, which also owns Intercontinental, Holiday Inn, and Staybridge Suites. According to their pet policy, Kimpton has a pet policy brand-wide that has no size restrictions or weight limits on pets allowed.

Kimpton does not charge pet fees or pet deposits and may have a pet brand ambassador, or “Director of Pet Relations” on-site to show their friendliness to pets and welcome you (and yours).

Kimpton only has about 60 locations in the United States, so depending on where you’re wanting to go on vacation, you may have a challenge finding one near you. However, if you’re able to find a Kimpton location that works for your travel plans, you’ll likely find a pet concierge and a lavish welcome to the property for you and your Labrador.

Drury Hotels

Drury has 150 hotel properties in 27 states, and according to their pet policy, allows pets at all locations that state and local laws permit.

You may have a pet fee of $35 per night plus tax, which can add up on a longer vacation. They allow up to 2 pets per room; however, the combined weight cannot be over 80 lbs.

This would work if you had only one large-breed dog, such as one Labrador, but not if you have multiple large-breed dogs.

If you’re the owner of only one dog, or you’re traveling and only bringing one of your dogs with you, staying at a Drury property might work for you.

An Alternative – Condo & Airbnb Locations

If none of these hotel options seem to be a good fit for your destination or your large breed dog, you can always consider renting through a private owner using Airbnb, VRBO, or another service.

Each property will have its own specific pet policy, and you can filter your search results to those properties that are pet-friendly. Depending on demand, and on your destination, you may be able to find a condo or vacation owner property that allows a bigger dog, such as a Labrador.

Living room of a condo with sofa, table, and windows.

You may also be able to ask the owner directly if they’ll consider your dog on a case-by-case basis if you find a property that seems to fit your needs perfectly.

Offering a larger deposit and providing vaccination records might help the owner be more likely to say yes to your request to bring your big dog along with you!

Summary – 8 Best Hotels for Labradors & Big Dogs

Sometimes traveling and taking your dog along with you is a better alternative than leaving them home with a dog sitter or at a pet boarding place. But traveling with a large dog can limit you to options for hotels, as most hotel chains that allow pets limit them to much smaller dogs, such as those under 50 lbs.

Most Labradors will exceed those weight and size requirements, making it hard to find a pet-friendly hotel. This list of 8 hotel chains has more lenient pet policies that might allow you to bring your Lab with you on your next vacation.

Keep an eye on your pet during your travels, because sometimes you might see changes in health or behavior when your dog is outside their normal home environment.

And be sure to check with each individual property you’re considering before making your reservation, so you can relax and enjoy your next vacation bringing your best friend along!

For more tips on vacationing with your Labrador, check out our guide to Travel with Labradors for tips & strategies for car and airplane travel with pets.

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